White CloudsWelcome to Raspberries in the Rough! This blog is all about finding the sweet berries hidden along life’s bumpy trail. It’s no secret that the berries hidden in the trail-side thorns taste better than the boxed ones at the store (and they cost less $, which is a big deal, to me)!

I’m Carolyn. In 2013 I graduated from BYU-Idaho with a degree in music, along with my husband, who also has a degree in music. We play the trumpet. Guess how we met?

Everyone knows that once you graduate from college, you get a job in your field and live happily ever after, right? Haha. Ha. Ha-ha-ha.

After a year or so of soul-searching, we are once again a student family. My husband is working on his second bachelor’s degree. Yep, you heard right. Not a master’s, a second bachelor’s degree. (Master’s to follow, presumably.) He’s decided to make his life’s work in computer programming instead of public school, go figure that one out.

Unfortunately, the grants and scholarships that we were so grateful have with our (first) undergraduate education aren’t so accessible anymore. That means we’re funding school with…drum roll…loans. My husband is now a full-time student in addition to working a full-time job.

So what do I do? Oh, stay home and party. Party with the kids, that is. I make home a place to love for my husband and two small children. The other big part of my work—which is full-time, I assure you, even though it isn’t salaried—is making our modest income work for us while still enjoying life to the fullest. We want to graduate with as little debt as possible!

Me and Kids

If there is a way to stretch the grocery budget farther, I will find it. If there is a way to diaper the toddler with less $, I will use it. If there is a way to have more fun with less money, I will jump on it. And I always make the food tastier than any college budget deserves. (Except when we have oatmeal for dinner. The kids love those nights. I don’t.)

The best part is that I can share my discoveries, mistakes, and successes here with you. I hope that what you find here will inspire you to do more with less, enjoy what you have, and add to your collection of amazing recipes and fun activities. I also hope you realize, as you read, that I never have everything together in life. I try to share what I find that is positive and useful, and I guarantee that I am never doing everything on my blog at the same time! If you don’t believe me, I have this response for you:


Take a look around and check out what budget-stretching strategies, delicious recipes, and family fun you can find here. My only request: Please share some “raspberries” of your own in the comments! Your experiences and commentary add to the wealth.

Frog Lake

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  1. Katie Jones says:

    Hey Carolyn,

    I recently came across your site and I’m wondering if I can post one of my articles here.

    I’ve been writing up home improvement articles too and would love the chance to write

    on your blog but I couldn’t manage to find your email. If you could get a hold of me at

    ikatie.jones@outlook.com? I would greatly appreciate it.



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