Easy Homemade Bath Paints

Homemade Bath Paints

Easy Homemade Bath Paints

My kids are marathon bathers. If I let them they would stay in the tub for hours, and take more than one bath in a day. Not kidding. But it can be a challenge to keep them from picking on each other in the tub for entertainment (read: 3-year-old dumping water on his sister’s head, and being bitten in return). Then there’s the massive amounts of water that get splashed out of the tub just for fun (read: to annoy Mom because that behavior is expressly forbidden.) And let’s not get going on just how many toys are in the tub at any time. I have to clear the battlefield of toys before I can shower. Or just shower with them. It depends on the day. Sound familiar to anyone?

I was excited when I found this simple recipe for homemade bath paints at Forgetful Momma. I’d never heard of bath paints before, but it sounded like some colorful bath-time fun. I don’t have regular paints for the kids to play with, and I liked the idea of experimenting with paint within the confines of a water-proof bathtub–much easier than trying to keep other parts of the house safe from paint.

I let my son help me make the bath paints. Now truly, this is the dangerous part. The paints left no staining whatsoever on the bath area or wet little bodies, but clothing is a different story, and food coloring is rather volatile if even the slightest drop escapes where it shouldn’t—a little goes a long way!
The end result was that the kids had a blast with the colorful tub paints, and a 100% contention-free bath-time. The paints were very easy to clean up. They came off quickly with the moveable showerhead, and by wiping. Just make sure you don’t have any light-colored towels on the floor by the tub, and don’t wear clothes you care about in case any gets on you.

The one drawback is that now my son asks for bath paints every time he takes a bath, which is not going to happen. If you’re up to letting your kids have a wild time with colors in the tub, try this recipe. It’s simple and uses cheap household ingredients.

Homemade Bath Paints

Recipe from Forgetful Momma


  • 1/2 cup children's body wash
  • 5 TBS cornstarch
  • food coloring


Mix together the body wash and cornstarch. The exact texture of your paint will depend on the brand of body wash you use. Divide the mixture into separate containers and use food coloring to dye as desired. Start with just a drop or two--a little food coloring goes a long way. Mix thoroughly and carefully transport to the bathtub for some washable painting fun.


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4 thoughts on “Homemade Bath Paints

  1. Sheena says:

    My son had some bath paint that he had a reaction too so I have been hesitate about getting more. I will have to try this out though. Thanks for sharing!!

    • Carolyn says:

      I haven’t ever tried commercial bath paints, but I would think that barring allergies to cornstarch or food coloring you could just use whatever bath wash he is used to. Thanks for stopping by!

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