How to Help a Baby Sit Up and Play Without an Infant Seat or Playpen

Do you know that stage when your babybaby-sits-in-basket has the strength to sit up but lacks the balance to stay upright for very long? Both of my babies went through this period when they really wanted to sit up and play but couldn’t without me right there to keep them from tipping over. I never wanted to spend the money on acquiring a Bumbo-style baby seat, especially considering the mixed opinions about their effects on baby development. Even now that my daughter can sit independently, I still don’t like to plop her down straight onto a hard floor or onto the weeds grass outside. She occasionally decides she’s tired of sitting and will throw herself to the side or backward, and that would hurt pretty bad on linoleum or concrete!

So, if like me, you need a tool to help your baby sit and play safely without buying more expensive baby stuff, look no further than your laundry room.

Enter laundry basket! Be sure that the basket you use is sturdy and that the dimensions are such that it can’t be tipped when baby leans against the sides. Alternately, you could use a strong cardboard box of similar size. For a younger baby (capable of sitting upright but not maintaining balance), tuck pillows or blankets between and behind baby and the basket walls for added support and comfort. Be sure to keep watch when baby is younger, as younger babies are prone to slumping gradually down or forward. Add baby’s toys to the basket and let baby play away.

An added benefit is that for some reason toys seem to become immediately more interesting (to babies and toddlers) when placed inside a basket or box (plus the toys can’t escape)!

*Disclaimer: I am not promoting this as a baby safety product or a substitute for parental supervision. Please use your own good judgment in keeping your baby safe and happy*


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